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Preparations for an International Career

Dialog Marketing Agency Teaches FH Students

In the realm of globalisation there is an increase in the number of cultures with their differing values coming into contact with one another. This has resulted in varying behaviours which often lead to misunderstandings in every-day international business dealings and ultimately influence the success of such relationships. Managers of today are taught about intercultural competence, and the sooner the better. And now this subject is being taught by Dialog Marketing, Feldkirchen.

"Preparations for an International Career" is a seminar which will take place on the 25th of July and will involve over 100 students of Business Management at the Fachhochschule Landshut to broaden their understanding of international communication. The goal of this one-day intercultural training is to teach the perception and appraisal of the variety of differing work methods. Not to judge what is better or worse, but rather to create a general understanding. So that those who learn with, and from one another, can reach the greatest success.

In our culture, for example, communitaranism is taught very early in schools. But in other cultures competition and individualism are more likely to be focused on. When both of these cultures meet, there are expectations from both sides. While one side may have a long list of all the necessary information and seeks consensus from the combined group as to how to achieve the goal, the other side may possibly be focusing purely on it's own advantages in reaching the objective.

With many examples from the real working world, a video presentation, theatrical exercises, group discussions and short presentations, Angelika Putsch, Business Trainer and founder of the Dialog Marketing Agency, together with Jean-Luc Julien, Theatrical Performer, prepare the Landshut students for their future jobs. The program covers stereotyping, social behaviour, communication styles, and practical tips for business relations in an intercultural context.

"Preparations for an International Career" is proudly being sponsored by Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH. The company supports the managers of tomorrow and their chances for international careers.