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02/03: Germany Needs Young Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurs Need Networks

Although generally neglected by the media and politcs, it is mainly the small and medium enterprises , which contribute in a special way to Germany's economical performance. According to statements from the Department of Economics an average of four new work places are created with every new business. Not only does one have to consider the creation of new jobs but also the enormous importance that young, innovative enterprises have for the performance and competitiveness of Germany as a business location.

On their way from the intitial idea to their own, successful business, entrepreneurs are confronted with a multitude of challenges. With our programme for new entrepreneurs, e.g. the workshop "Hit The Headlines - PR workshop for young entrepreneurs", which we have conducted for years in co-operation with the IHK München-Westerham (Chamber for Industry and Commerce), we want to support young businesses in their often not too easy start into the economy.

Markus Eulenkamp

Networking is an important aspect in founding a successful business. Therefore we are pleased when participants in our seminars particularly pick up on this impulse and already in the start-up phase close ranks with similarly minded people

Thomas Koetter

So happened during our last workshop in December 2002. Here Susanna Bertschi, today Managing Director of Have a look GmbH, Thomas Kötter, Performing Artist/ Magician und Markus Eulenkamp, Sales Trainer met.

For the opening ceremony of her business on 15th January 2003 at Sonnenstraße 25, Munich, Susanna Bertschi received her final communication coaching by Markus Eulenkamp, before assisting her clients in the selection of Crazy Lenses ® by means of the Eye Simulator. The high-grade business interior and the thoughtfully arranged lens selection presented a pleasant ambience, which was magically supported by Thomas Kötter and his carefully chosen entertainment menue .

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