We build on interaction. Only the immediate experience establishes room for change in perception, attitude, motivation, behavioral patterns, and thus competence.

We offer a selection of effective and successful workshops. In addition, we establish the status quo of potential, structures, goals and visions for your in-house traning programes.

Building on this, we develop training modules for your employees

Selection of our workshop program:

Cross-cultural competence.
In co-operation with Elisabeth Sommer Relocation:
Dialogue oriented team developement *
Female ways to management success - When women drop their traditional role
Creativity – the return of Innovation *
PR Workshop for young entrepeneurs - hit the headlines

*) These workshops are only offered as in-house sessions - tailor made to fit your requirements.

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learn the dialogue to master critical situations



Foreign countries, foreign customs: Thumbs up. Here and in the US it means "OK!", in Japan "5", in Iran, Greece and parts of Africa it`s more of an alternative to "showing someone the middle finger".

Fingers crossed: it means "protection". In the Anglo-Saxon culture it's synonymous for: "I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you".

Both hands with fingers interlinked: it means "enquiry". Particularly in the Italian culture this gesture requests a clear answer and usually goes along with a direct question. In Malta however, it sarcastically means: "well, you managed that one just dandy".